A 1 Equipment Rentals Fresno
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At A1 Equipment Rentals, we pride ourselves on making the tool & equipment experience a pleasant and hassle free one for the homeowner and small contractor. We service the Fresno & Clovis area. You don’t have to be building a bridge or erecting a skyscraper to get our best effort. We have an equipment rental fleet of tools and small to mid-size equipment based on the needs of our customers. We also stock the supplies and accessories to help get the job done.
Why Rent from us?
 1) We are local small business.
 2) We pay the sales tax on all the equipment we buy so you don't have to.
 3) We don't charge environmental fees.
 4) Over 13 years in the rental industry.
 5) Hands on teaching of equipment use and safety.
 6) Easy to work & do business with.

About A1 Equipment Rentals

A1 Equipment Rentals, located in Fresno ca, is a locally owned, construction equipment rental company dedicated to providing quality equipment rentals and tool rentals in the Fresno Clovis area. Fresno & Clovis residents trust our outstanding service in providing all sorts of machinery from hand tools to construction equipment.

Whether you are renting equipment or purchasing, we will supply you with the right piece of equipment at a fair rate. As the one stop source for all your equipment rentals, Fresno & Clovis residents put their faith in us for renting or purchasing the tools and equipment they need to get the job done. Pick-up and delivery services for your rental equipment in the Fresno & Clovis are also available.

Our entrance is located on the tollhouse side. If your coming East on Herndon make a left on tollhouse. If  your traveling west on Herndon make a right. We are located directly behind the Shell gas station on the corner of Herndon and Tollhouse.
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