About A1 Equipment Rentals

A1 Equipment Rentals is family owned and operated by 3 generations: Bill Priddy, Justin Priddy, and Jordan Priddy. A1 Equipment Rentals began operating in 2013 and has quickly grown because of our loyal customers whom we treat like family.

Justin Priddy was the Manager at a small local equipment rental company for 13 years and the owner decided to close his doors overnight. Justin ran this company as if it was his own hoping to one day own it. Working in this industry Justin had the skill set needed to operate this type of business and saw that the Central Valley needed a rental yard that would cater to the small businesses and homeowners. Justin built a strong reputation with all the vendors across the USA and had a faithful customer base who were also friends.

The sale of this business was not attainable, so the equipment went to auction. This is when A1 Equipment Rentals was established. Justin’s parents knew how much he wanted to stay in this industry so they gave him funding so he could drive down to the auction and bid on the equipment he had worked on for 13 years. The few pieces of equipment he was able to purchase then have grown to the fleet he has today.

A1 Equipment Rentals started out of Justin’s home and within a year he found a small yard and shop in Clovis CA. Bill Priddy had retired from the career he had while raising his 3 boys and has worked alongside Justin since 2013. In 2021 A1 Equipment outgrew the yard they had in Clovis and moved to the current location in Fresno, CA.

Jordan Priddy graduated High School in 2020 and started working alongside his dad and papa. We believe that small companies grow because of the friendships and trust you build along the way, as well as excellent customer service. We treat each person that rents from us like family. We are a small team, but we believe that is what has made us successful.

To all our customers on behalf of Bill, Justin, & Jordan we want to say THANK YOU for your business... You have options of where you take your business, and we are thankful that you choose to come to us! And to those customers looking to rent from us, we hope you put your trust in us and we look forward to helping you!

Bill, Justin, and Jordan Priddy

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